Diplomat travel because


Travel agency with 30 years of experience

The history of our travel agency, it starts almost 30 years ago, where the first company had been created and it is well known as DIPLOMAT TRAVEL.The diplomat travel is a travel agency with 30 years of experience ( it started his mode in 1987) with IATA, which was one of the first companies, that had be given to Greek companies. It consists from a young and highly experienced people in tourism industry.

The development

From this year we have the luck and the pleasure to offer you our services online through the booking and air ticket form and booking platform : Ask2go.com. This made our company stronger and more experienced, but also it has greatly increased our clientele.These days, the clientele of our companies serves a large part of tourism in Greece and Europe, but also in America.

What makes us better

The booking engine, that we have created prepares more than 3 million travel requests per minute so that our customers can get a complete set of options and prices for airplane, train or ship routes. Having collected a huge part of data from daily bookings, we are able to use and process them for our sole purpose to make your search experience smoother and more functional.