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The perfect getaway if you are staying or passing by Athens.Join our Athens – Aegina Private Cruise, and discover the idyllic natural beauty of the Saronic Gulf!

If you are staying in Athens, one of the most famous places to visit for a day cruise is Aegina Island.

Arriving at the port, you will immediately see the neoclassical style of the island’s houses and you feel the sea breeze. A short stop to tour the picturesque city center of the island is a must choice! Walking through the cute paved alleys, you pass through yards that smells of jasmine. Further below monochrome doors with hanging bougainvillea compose an unparalleled summer setting. Traditional cafes are popping up everywhere and the wagons are there to remind you of the habits of another era. The Outdoor grocery stores, the fishermen who sell their catch, the locals who just stroll around, compose a truly unique setting. The trademark of the island is of course the peanuts that are produced exclusively at this place, which you should not leave unless you try them.

Nearby is the uninhabited neighboring small island of Moni. Her name is probably due to the fact that it is owned by the Chrysoleontissa Monastery. However, many claim that it was named after the word “Monastery” refers to “Self-isolated”, since this islet is isolated.

As you approach Moni, in front of you is spread an earthly paradise, another reality and all you want to do is dive into the turquoise waters, enjoying the magnificent view of the pine trees. Furthermore hiking through Moni leads to unexpected encounters. In solitary places, you meet peacocks, goats, deer, shrubs, wildflowers, pines and seabirds composing a very special landscape of unique beauty.

Nearby is the seaside settlement of Perdika that hosts a large crowd from picturesque taverns where you can enjoy traditional Greek cuisine.

Join us now and explore the magnificent beauty of this Saronic Archipelago from the comfort of your own private boat!



Meet and Depart
At your selected time, we meet and depart from departure point.Aegina island – Walking Tour
We reach the port of the city of Aegina. Walking tour through the traditional streets of the city.Moni Islet
Within 10-15 minutes we reach Moni rocky island. On a secluded beach you can swim in the turquoise crystal clear waters overlooking the island’s lush landscape, enjoying drinks, snacks and fresh fruit that we provide on board. We can also reach the coast, for a short hike in pine forest. If you want something more crowded, the island has a small beach bar in a small bay where you can visit.

Lunch at Perdika Village (Aegina island)
In a short distance (5 minutes) we reach again the island of Aegina and specifically  the seaside settlement of Perdika. This settlement is known for its taverns, where you can enjoy traditional Greek cuisine and fresh fish.

Sunset time
Select the sunset cruise option and close your cruise with a fabulous Athenian sunset before returning to the disembarkation point.


  • Multilingual Captain
  • Beach towels
  • Snorkeling equipment
  • Wi-Fi internet connection
  • Cool Beverages
  • Fresh fruit & snacks
  • Fuels

Not Included 

  • Additional hostess
  • Premium drinks
  • Alcohol beverages
  • Entry Fees
  • Private Guide
  • Transfer Service



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