Private Tour of Sounio

The tour of Sounio starts from Athens by van or min van towards the cape of Sounio and the ancient temple of Poseidon. Sounio is on the southern edge of the Attica region. It is located around 1 hour and 15 minutes far from the center of Athens. We follow a beautiful road trip close to the coast. When we reach Sounio you will meet this charming site with clear waters, sandy beaches and rocky cliffs.

The whole area declared a national park due to its position and cultural value. The mythology says that Aegeus, king of Athens, died felling of the cliff in Sounio and that’s how he gave the name to Aegean sea. In the Greek antiquity in the area they were celebrating a festival every 5 years. The place was a strong fortress. Some parts of the walls are standing until today.

  Visiting the Temple of Poseidon

On the cape is located the famous temple of Poseidon. It was built in 444 – 440 BC. Some findings of the temple are in the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. Due to Poseidon, god of sea, it was an important temple especially for the mariners and also whole cities. The temple had 34 Doric columns, 15 of them stand today, of white marble. In the center of the temple there was a colossal statue of Poseidon.

At the end of our tour we gaze the beautiful sunset in the Aegean Sea through the ruins of the temple.


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