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The Greek Festival is Waiting For You this Summer

This Summer we offer you the best escape for your summer vacation ! Meet us in Greece and feel the taste of the best destination in the world !!

Greece is a popular country all over the world, famous for its great beaches and its history. There is a huge amount of archaeological and historical sites and places for everyone who desires to visit Greece that gloriously depict the country’s past. Greece is mostly surrounded by sea, in particular, the Aegean and the Ionian Sea. The country consists of more than a thousand greek islands.

These Greek islands form the beauty of nature. They are the most popular Greek destinations, especially in the period of summer. Every island can be ideal for cosmopolitan or relaxing vacations, only a thing is for absolutely sure: each of these islands have all the requirements and facilities to provide you indelible and safe vacations!

Some of the most famous island destinations are:
Mykonos island, with a great cosmopolitan character;

Santorini island, with the most wonderful and romantic sunset in the whole world;

Crete island, with a revolutionary spirit;

Skiathos island, with its sandy and long beaches;
all the above are just a few examples of the most famous Greek destinations.

1)the Acropolis Museum and Parthenon
The temple that the Athenians dedicated to the patron saint of their city, Athena Partheno, is the most brilliant creation of the Athenian democracy during its heyday and the most complete in terms of composition and execution of the buildings of the Sacred Rock.
2) Delphi
The sights of Delphi are innumerable. The most important of them -archaeological interest- are the Temple of Apollo, the Archaeological Museum of Delphi, the Ancient Theater of Delphi, the Treasure of the Athenians, the Holy Road, Castalia Pigi, the Dome of Athena Pronea .
we also suggest you Wine Tasting , Wine Tasting is one of the best alternative activities one can do at Parnassos. More particularly, at the north side of the mountain, at the picturesque little village with the name ”Polydrosos”, Argyriou winery offers the chance of tasting wines that are produced by the estate of the family by the same name, at the foot of Parnassos.
3) Sounio
At the cape of Sounio is the Temple of Poseidon, the apex of the isosceles triangle created with the Parthenon and Aphaia. It was built of Agrileza marble in Doric style in the middle of the 5th century BC. by the Athenians at a very strategic geographical point, while during the 9th year of the Peloponnesian War it was fortified with one of the strongest walls of the time. At a lower point and at a distance of about 500 meters from the Temple of Poseidon, the ruins of the sanctuary of Athena are preserved.

Cape Sounio Wine Tour :
gives you the opportunity to visit a superb winery in the area, try the award-winning local wines, have a guided tour of one of the most important monuments of ancient Greece and dine by the sea with traditional food.

Dates 1st of August to 10th of August

Departures from New York/Atlanta/Chicago/Los Angeles/Dallas
Airtickets with taxes included
Accommodation at 3* 4* or 5* Hotels
Access to our vip parties

For more information call us to 210 6517509 or fill the communication form !

3 star Hotels 

Acillion Hotel

Apollo Hotel

4 Star Hotels 

Athenaum Smart Hotel

Illisos Hotel

5 Star Hotels 

Coco Mat Athens BC

Grecotel Pallas Athena

Wyndham Grand Athens


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