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Athens. The city that gave birth to democracy, the sciences and fine arts is ready to reveal its secrets. Athens: the city of history and ancient civilisation – the Parthenon, Acropolis and the Ancient Agora. At the same time a modern, vibrant megalopolis, full of energy, day and night. A city belonging to humanity and Mediterranean light. This mighty city has contributed to world history and culture time and again, making itself immortal; an actor beyond the constraints of time’s usual boundaries.

Through its charisma, it is reborn again and again. Athens shares these priceless life lessons with its visitors. Under the bright Aegean sun and the blue Attica sky. Amid the graffiti that adorns its walls, and the laughter that fills its cafes. A youthful city, buzzing with life, it is confident, free and charming. A city that never sleeps. Full of flavour, desire and pleasure. A city that you must visit at least once in your lifetime. Welcome to Athens.


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What to Do


The Parthenon


Even if you don’t care about archaeology or the fact that if it were not for the ancient Greeks you might be living in a far less civilized way, you can’t come to Athens and not visit the Acropolis and see the Parthenon. Yes I know that there are actually Athenians who have never climbed the steps to see one of the wonders of the ancient world, the reason millions of people come to their city, the spectacular building that symbolizes some of the highest achievements of mankind. But that’s no excuse. If you do nothing else on your visit to Athens, this is the one thing you should do. Since you can buy a ticket that allows you to see the other major archaeological sites that day I can free up some of my top ten space since the Theater of Herod Atticus, Theater of Dionysious and the Ancient Agora and even Keramiekos are all included among others, in the price of admission. Oh yeah and don’t forget the new Acropolis Museum. See The Acropolis


The National Archaeological Museum

Yes it is a 45 minute walk from Syntagma but this is one of the great museums of the world, right up there with ummmmm, well those other great ones. You won’t find a better collection of ancient Greek sculpture, jewellery, pottery, and the Antikythira Device, a 2000 year old computer found in the shipwreck off the island of Antikithira will have you wondering just how advanced those ancient Greeks actually were. Athens has a lot of museums and depending on your interest you may find another that is more interesting, like if you love coins, the Nuimismatic Museum or if you like religious Icons the Byzantine Museum or if you like weapons the War Museum or if you want to see a continuous history from ancient to modern Greece go to the Benaki Museum which I actually like better. But in terms of importance you can’t beat the National Archaeological Museum. If you like cars there is the Hellenic Motor Museum, one of my favorites and right around the corner from here.


Mount Lycabettus


Maybe you took one look at this green mountain rising out of the center of Athens and said to yourself “I hope there is nothing important up there because I really don’t feel like climbing a mountain”. There is something important up there. An amazing view. Also a great cafe, not to mention an amphitheatre where you can see such renown acts as Leonard Cohen, Peter Gabriel, James Brown and many other acts who visit Greece in the summer. In fact I would say that between Lycabettus and the Theatre of Herod Atticus below the Acropolis, there is no more impressive place to see your favorite band or musician. And you don’t have to climb. There is a strange looking train that will take you almost to the top. Walking down is a lot of fun and you never know which neighborhood you are going to end up in. See Mount Lycabettus. If it seems too daunting a task climbing Philopapou Hill is a good substitute and right across the road from the Acropolis.


The Plaka


A walk through the oldest neighborhood in Athens is a must and one of the most pleasurable activities especially in the early evening. There are hundreds of shops from kitschy tourist to the workshops of some really great artisans. There are several good restaurants where you can sit outside almost year round. There are also some nice little ouzeries that are cozy when it is too cold to sit outside. The famous Brettos distillery on Kydatheneon could be in this top 10 list on its own. The out-door Cine Paris where you can watch a move on the roof of a building below the lit walls of the Acropolis could too. There are ancient Greek and Roman ruins scattered around as well as some beautiful 19th century and older buildings and several Byzantine churches. Lets not forget Anafiotika, the neighborhood closest to the stone slope of the Acropolis where you can wander around and feel like you are on an island in the middle of the Aegean instead of an island in the middle of a modern city. Best time to be here? Apokreas, which is carnival season. See my Plaka Guide and also Shopping in Athens


The Temple of Poseidon at Sounion


On a hill overlooking the sea at the very tip of the Attiki Peninsula on a spot that could not be more perfect for an ancient site of worship is the Temple of Poseidon, God of the Sea, which boasts not only the carved grafitti of Lord Byron but the best sunsets after Santorini. There is a small beach below and a sea that looks and feels like the islands, as well as two small fish tavernas and many more on the way there and back. Go in the late afternoon, have a swim and an ouzo and some mezedes and see the temple and watch the sunset before going back to Athens for a quick shower and a nap before going out to dinner and maybe out on the town later. OK is not really in Athens but you still need to come here. Its only an hour away by taxi. See Temple of Sounion


Monastiraki Flea Market

It is not really a flea market in the way most of us think of them, except for Sunday when people seem to come from the hills to lay out their blankets and sell all sorts of stuff that may be junk to you but of real value to someone else. Its a mob scene but worth the experience even if you just sit in the cafes overlooking the ancient agora and the metro tracks on Adrianou Street watching the parade of shoppers, street musicians and African bootleg DVD sellers running from the cops. During the week it an assortment of tourist shops, clothing stores, fur and jewelry stores dotted with some pretty interesting shops, especially if you like vintage vinyl and rare CDs or really stupid T-shirts. Monastiraki Square is still one of the most lively squares in Athens and at night it is filled with young people, street venders and pickpockets. See Monastiraki Flea Market


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