4 Days for 2 persons to Zurich

From 1/9 till 30/11


At the largest city in Switzerland and the capital of the canton of Zurich. In the heart of Europe, the economic and cultural center of Switzerland, Zurich promises to those who love traveling , quality and beautiful holidays. The city with its 1.86 million inhabitants has significant art and culture venues, hosts various festivals and offers many entertainment options. Zurich has many faces and are all interesting.

The history of the city

In 15 BC the Romans arrive at the Lindenhof area, where Turicum will be created. At this time, they will proceed to the construction of the first stone buildings, while bridges, harbors and baths will also be constructed. However, the advanced system did not last long, since at the beginning of the 5th century the Romans left the city and were replaced by the Franks, who lacked the necessary know-how.It has been several years before being granted the right to a free imperial city, when it is under the protection of the Holy Roman Empire (around 1220). The influence of the guilds on the development of the city was also significant. The constitution of the guilds was founded in 1137 and from then until the French Revolution was decisive. In the 14th century, the first walls of the city and the first monasteries began to be built.

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