4 Days for 2 person in Berlin

From 1/9 till 30/11


Diplomat Travel offers you a 4-day package for 2 people with direct flights and 4-star hotels in Berlin at only 359 euros (including all airport taxes, the total price is for 2 people). Berlin is the city of Europe where everything happens on its streets.

It is the destination of youth, artists, cinema, alternatives, creation, ideas, opportunities, people who want to be in the world and what’s new. Those who challenge the established and are “thirsty” for new trends .. Those who want to live loudly, staying awake to walk in lights and music, without hurrying to say “good night”. In other words, Berlin is the coolest capital of Europe. Even if you are not a fan of architecture, you can not be impressed by model buildings that are nowhere else in Europe. Their construction and their aesthetic is perfect.

Their details are precisely studied. Get deep breaths while walking in Berlin. The city of 3.4 million people is “flooded” by oxygen sources as small forests, rivers and lakes parks complete its enchanting “green” natural landscape. “Arrange” with appetite and joy and take walks as long as you can. Five areas worth walking include Bohemian and multicultural Kroitzberg, youthful and crafted Mitte, Intersprahier Berg, the Baroque Charlottenburg and the pioneering Karl-Marx-Alle in East Berlin.

Departure/ArrivalAthens / Thessaloniki

Lastly, please note that the same package you may find it in one of our competitors least 20% more expensive.

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